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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Writing Assignment 5

Writing Assignment 5 is for each student to suggest how these writing assignments should be graded in the future.  I would like everyone to take this seriously.  Your input is important and will affect a lot of students.

Consider one or more of the following questions when you answer.  It may be helpful to go to my blog and look over some of the critical thinking rubrics (grading models).  Maybe you could even rank the importance of these items

1) Should we consider grammar and spelling, for instance?  
2) Should we consider whether information is correct or incorrect?  
3)How should we take into account commenting on other student's posts (something as yet to happen here)?
4) Did the student use vocabulary from lectures and text?  
5) Did the student make a connection between the subject matter and his or her life?  
6) Did the student exhibit an understanding of the subject matter and its importance?  
7) Did the student present information or ideas that support his or her claims?  
8) Did the student make specific references or simply write in generalities?
9) Finally, should we develop a way for students to grade or score each others' posts?

I decided to include student input in formulating a scoring rubric for critical thinking assignments.  Thus far, the answers are pretty general, either "grade strictly on participation" or "grade for effort."  I revised the prompt to try and fish for some more specific answers.  I am considering one suggestion of grading for participation and giving bonus points for doing it well.  I wouldn't do that exactly, but I may give many more and more varied assignments with values relative to the complexity of the answer required. 

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  1. I like very much the strategy of involving the students in their own education. Studies show that when they believe that they have genuine input into how their education is conducted, then they tend to do better. I think studies also show that most students are not used to this kind of involvement in their education. They have to learn lots of new ways of thinking about teaching and learning, but I see that as part of the fun.